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Jason Todd

Manager Renewable Energy & Resources Africa

Jason has worked in Talent Acquisition since the turn of the millennium, recruiting for a wide array of sectors such as Finance, IT, Engineering, and Energy. His Bachelor of Commerce degree provided a solid platform for this, having majored in Business Finance and Human Resources.

As Jason’s career in recruitment developed, he was blown away by how much the energy sector buzzed with diversity and innovation.

Examining the situation in Africa, he came to understand that economic growth is closely linked to energy and resources. With its booming Mining industry, he saw the situation in South Africa as a perfect opportunity to enrich the sector and economy with great talent.

Keen to make a difference and add value to the industry, he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to Africa's resources sector, specialising in Renewable Energy. Jason continues to apply his expertise and passion for the field, determined to address the critical need for a greener approach - and a sustainable Africa.

Connect with Jason:

The Polyglot Group +27 64 826 2314
The Polyglot Group 6 Spin St, CBD
Cape Town, 8001
South Africa
5 Things You Didn't Know About Jason
tennis A Good Sport Jason is an absolute sports nut. He is a huge fan of watching people compete with one another when they're at the top of their games
footprints Wild Thing Jason loves getting into the wild and thrives on hiking through nature reserves, especially where there's wild game to explore
book Budding Author Jason writes as a hobby and is currently 10 years into writing a fictional trilogy entitled “Pollardarity”. The first book is named "The Thawing of Time". He hopes to get all 3 books published in the next 5 years
swim Water Baby He should've been born with fins! Whether it's surfing, paddling, waterskiing or whitewater rafting, Jason is more than happy to get his feet wet
motorbike Need for Speed Starting in 2019, Jason plans to see one the Formula One Grand Prix in a new country every year until he checks out from Planet Earth

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